Practical English Grammar

Grammar is the system of a language in which words are put together to construct proper sentences.

The ability to communicate plays very significant parts in the evolution of human being. Communication not only enables people to express their ideas and feelings, but also helps them to understand the emotion and opinions of others.

Words and grammar are the primary means of effective communication. The competencies of grammar are the yardstick for the successful communication of ideas and feelings. If a person is less competent in grammar, their communication is not clear enough for the other person to understand in totality.

Grammar is not mandatory to learn a language. Native people do not study grammar in order to speak in their language. They started communicating their emotions and feeling as a child before even knowing what grammar is all about.

However, the study of grammar helps the people, who want to communicate in a foreign language, to understand the intricacies of language. The study of grammar enables a person to learn the foreign language smoothly and early and feel more competent while communicating in the language.