Practical English Grammar

Vocabulary is a special set of words, phrases, and expression that a person makes use of to communicate their thoughts and emotions.

A good vocabulary is utmost important to express the idea and feeling effectively. Words are your tool to communicate your ideas, thoughts, and emotions. The more words you know, the more impressively and successfully you can communicate. Sometimes due to poor vocabulary, people do not express their ideas successfully. That is why it is essential to keep on improving your vocabulary.

To build vocabulary, you need to focus on:

1. Reading

Keep in mind that mugging up words is as good as doing nothing to improve your vocabulary. The best way to improve your vocabulary is reading. When you read a lot, you would expand your horizon and build your knowledge base. With the increase of your knowledge base, you automatically learn many words.

2. Writing

Whenever you come close to unfamiliar words, jot down that word in your notebook, diary, or smartphone and look up the meaning in dictionary. Try to write down your own paragraph using the word that you learn. By writing down the difficult words in your own paragraph not only enable you to understand the meaning, but help you to learn the world and use it to communicate thoughts and feelings impressively.