Practical English Grammar

Tense is a form of verb that specify the time of action.

Tense has a very significant role in the sentence as no sentence is complete without denoting the time of action. In a sentence it is the verb that conveys the time of action by changing its form.

There are three types of tense. They are:

Present Tense

Present Tense refers to action that takes place in the present time.

For example: He sings a song.

Past Tense

Past Tense refers to action that took place in the past time.

For example: He sang a song.

Future Tense

Future Tense refers to action that will take place in the future time.

For example: He will sing a song tomorrow.

To specify the exact time and action, these three types of tense further divided into four types each. They are:-

Present Tense

Present Indefinite Tense

Present Continuous Tense

Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Tense

Past Indefinite Tense

Past Continuous Tense

Past Perfect Tense

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Future Tense

Future Indefinite Tense

Future Continuous Tense

Future Perfect Tense

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

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