Develop Common Sense

Soft Skills

In life, the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. To sail through the uncertainty of life while ensuring your growth at the same time, you need to develop common sense to make appropriate decisions in the trial and tribulations of life. Common sense is not some technical knowledge that can be taught; you have to develop it through the experiences of life.

Common sense is a personal trait which is developed through being consciously aware about the situations of life in a disciplined way so that you have all the requisite information to make a sound judgment in any given situations. The sound judgment may not be based on what you like to do, but it would be the right way to handle the situations appropriately.

Generally, most of the people have the wisdom of what is the appropriate thing to do in most of the situations. However, most of the people have the tendency to ignore their intellect and make action based on emotions due to the lack of self-discipline and inability to sacrifice their instant gratification, which become counterproductive for them.

That is why, if you want to be successful, you need to make a habit to learn from the experiences of life and do what is more right rather than feeding the desire of instant gratification. Always keep in mind, common sense is beneficial for those people who develop a persistent habit of learning from the situations of life and make use of it.

Have faith in yourself

Having faith in yourself not only motivate you to develop your common sense but also apply it. If you do not have faith in yourself, you would not be able to judge the situations clearly and chart out an appropriate way to handle them. As life is uncertain, you are bound to face different challenges at each stage, so have faith in yourself to develop your common sense and apply it.

Control your emotions

Emotions are good only if you have control over it. To make an appropriate decision, you need ensure that you are in charge of your emotions rather than letting the emotions decide your course of action. When your mind is occupied with past events and future outcome of situations, you would not be able to see the clear picture of situations and take a sound judgment.

Stop overthinking

To think before you act is good in a sense that it gives you direction and road map to handle the situations, but overthinking complicate the situations. Keep in mind that life always throws challenges in front of a person that they can handle them. Stop overthinking, you have all the necessary skills and expertise to handle them to your own benefits.

Act wisely

Common sense is associated with the wisdom and it enables you to have a clear understanding about how certain things can be done rather than how you would like to do. If you do things the way you love to do rather than how it can be done appropriately you would complicate the situations to such an extent that it would become impossible for you to do. So act wisely, apply your common sense and do things as they can be done.