Embrace honesty

Soft Skills

In this competitive word where everyone is searching of loose end of someone to make them work according to them, honesty is very expensive and very few can afford it. There is no doubt that in the end honesty always pays and that is why it still considered a best policy. If you are dishonest or tell a lie to someone, then there is a very good chance you would be found out and your dishonesty will come back to hurt you. That is why it is always good to embrace honesty and tell the truth most of the time.

The reward of honesty is that it creates a favourable condition to build trust in your surroundings. If you want to have a good relationship with someone who you think would be your good partner, you have to be honest to gain the trust and respect of them. Again, if you have done something wrong, then you have to tell the truth to get it solved easily.

The drawback of dishonesty or telling a lie is that it makes your situation worse. If you lie about something, then you have to make other ones to cover it in vain because truth cannot be hidden in the long run. However, sometimes due to security purpose and for not hurting the feeling of others, it might be best to tell a small lie and you would not be regretted for the same.

You should always keep in mind that temporarily you can gain a support of someone by the glamour of untruth and dishonesty, but that will not last forever. In the long run only the truth and honesty prevail. That is why, if you want to enjoy long lasting relationships, success in a true sense, and be contented in life, make sure to embrace honesty.