Stop comparing yourself to others

Soft Skills

Comparing yourself to others is and impractical and unhealthy, because it leads to bitterness, jealousy, frustration and stress. Often some people tend to always keep themselves engaged in comparing their personality and possessions to others. By comparing oneself with others people tend to dedicate their attention on others personality and possession which make them frustrated a lot because they do not work towards their own development.

Generally, people do not understand that comparison has no limit. It does not matter whatsoever position you may reach in their lives, there will be always a person who will be above you and there will be always a person who will be below you. People have the tendency to compare oneself with the person who is more empowered and skilled to them and that in turn develop an inferiority complex in them.

The drawback of comparing yourself to others is that it leads you to remain stressful throughout life. You will be always on your toes to outdo others. It may not be realistic about you to achieve what someone else has achieved in their life. Different people have different experiences and perspective, and they face the different situations and circumstances in their life to be where they are.

The best way to stop comparing yourself with others is by being yourselves and deriving maximum satisfaction with whatever personality and possessions you are having. You should keep yourself engaged in the process of achieving whatever makes you happy. Always keep in mind that you are unique in your own way, and you have to set and achieve the goal in harmony with your own true potential.

In a nutshell, you cannot live a life of another person so it is unwise to compare yourself with others. Be yourself, you are here on this beautiful earth to create your own destiny; not to compete yourself to others and live a tensed life. So stop comparing yourself with others in other to enjoy the beauty of life.

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